We want to make sure that we practice what we preach. Fellowship ministry is great place for families and friends to come together and be a supporting pillar for one another.

Hands-on missions

Here we gather to help those who are of need in our community.


Wheaties is tailored for our church youth, so that they may learn more about what it is like to serve our community with a Christian attitude.

Vacation bible school

VBS begins in August and is a great place where "kids can connect to God’s Word in a creative setting where the gospel message can speak into their hearts."

colesville bible club

Children 3 years through 5th grade are invited. The Bible Club meet from 5:00pm - 6:30pm. Dates on calendar.

Level - Up 

Our young adults get together to talk about the bible and how it should be understood. They relate every text to their own life experience and grow as individuals with support of peers.

Ladies and men's 

(respectively separate)

It is important to find a support group. In our ladies/men's ministry we gather around our  bibles and relate it today's world - and how we can help spread the gospel.